Just “Google” virtual assistant or VA and you might find hundreds of articles, courses and companies offering their VA services. And since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a huge upsurge as entire offices have shifted their workers to remote operations. If you own a company or run a small business, you may be already familiar with working with some types of contracted VAs, but if not- have you considered the advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Maybe you’re a entrepreneur who has been burning the candle at both ends trying to do it all. No one can do the work as well as you, right? After all, you’ve built your business from the ground up and no one knows your business better than you right?

But imagine for a moment, the possibilities of outsourcing those tasks that keep you the busiest or make you the most frustrated. What could you do with your extra time, peace of mind and freedom? Imagine this new superpower empowering you and your business to rise to a new level or prosperity.

In this article, I’ll highlight the top five reasons to hire a virtual assistant.

1. Scale Your Business Operations Quickly

Hiring a virtual assistant can help you scale up your business operations quickly, as they give you the ability to quickly hire talent on a project-by-project basis. You’ll easily be able to cope with increasing work demands without worrying about rushing your recruitment process.

By using virtual assistants, you’ll be able to quickly deal with sudden scope increases and then slowly hire full-time employees once things have settled down.

2. By Outsourcing Non-Core Tasks You Will Increase Your Efficiency

Contracting with virtual assistants will give you the added benefit of focusing on your core competencies, and here’s how. Every day, companies and entrepreneurs deal with a myriad of non-core activities such as:

  • Sending emails and newsletters
  • Handling customer queries
  • Internet research
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Data entry
  • Social media management

While these are necessary tasks for running a business, but they are not core tasks that need to be done by an in-house team. In fact, by allowing your in-house employees to do these tasks takes away time they could be spending on things requiring their professional expertise.

Outsourcing your non-core tasks to a virtual assistant that don’t need to be done in house, lets you invest your time and resources into tasks that make more sense to be done by your in-office team.

3. Reduced Costs

Most business owners and entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants to reduce their overhead costs, and here’s how it can help you save money:

A. Lower Salaries And Operating Costs

Instead of paying a full-time employee to do part time tasks, you can hire a virtual assistant to do them for you, costing you only part time fees.

Additionally, as virtual assistants work remotely, you won’t have to pay for overhead expenses such as additional office space, internet connection, laptop, office supplies or other employee related expenses such as health insurance and payroll expenses.

Reasons to hire a virtual assistant

B. Lower Training Costs

You can also save on training costs by hiring virtual professionals.

Think about it. When you hire a first-time employee, you invest a considerable amount of time and resources into training them for different aspects of their job. However, as virtual assistants only work on specific tasks that they already excel at, you won’t have to worry about training them. They can get started right away!

4. Offer 24/7 Customer Service

Most businesses have customers spread across the globe, but when your business and staff are only located in one area, coping with global needs and international timezones can be difficult.

For example, if you’re based in New York, your operating hours will be midnight for your customers in Melbourne, Australia. The only way you can deal with this is if your New York office works 24 hours a day.

Luckily, as virtual assistants are based remotely, you can hire them across the globe to cater to different timezones. This way, you and your staff can maintain a good work-life balance while still being able to attend to customers 24×7.

5. Frees Up Time For Strategic Thinking

As virtual assistants can perform your non-core activities, you have more time to focus on growing your business.

Rather than wasting time and resources in doing day-to-day operations, you can invest it to think strategically about the business from a long term perspective. This helps you to set goals that guide your company for better performance and long-term success.

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